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Hey there! I'm Karl -- the founding artist behind Karl Von Artistry.

I'm located in Washington state (just north of Portland, OR), and have lived here all my life.

I cannot imagine a better place to call home than the gorgeous Pacific NW -- it's so fun to explore the local sights with my wife and son! By day, I'm an elementary school teacher and love finding opportunities to bring my passion for art into the classroom. 

I've spent most of my life creating art in various forms. I became a Bob Ross Certified instructor in my teens, discovered a passion for photography in my twenties, and began leather-crafting in my early thirties.


In January 2015, I opened an Etsy shop called Karl Von Artistry, through which I've been selling handmade leather goods. The shop has grown so much over the past several years that my wife, Amy, joined in as well -- most notably contributing her graphic design experience. (If you look for us on Etsy, you'll see we have over 12,000 sales and 2,000+ customer reviews averaging five stars.) Leather is such a versatile medium, and we greatly enjoy designing new items, looking for ways to improve upon old ones, and collaborating with customers on personalized pieces for their loved ones. We both have keen eyes for detail and take great pride and care in handcrafting high-quality products from premium materials to deliver our customers items that are both durable and beautiful.

I recently found myself wanting to devote more time again to creating paintings and photographs, and desiring to have a holistic platform for my artistry. My hope is that this site will be a great place to bring together all of my artistic interests and skills, sharing them in a

one-stop showcase for others to enjoy.


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